In this follow up to Ione’s Wedding Problem, Ione faces off with former bandmate Andi over whether or not Ione will rejoin their punk band despite her current efforts to get into law school. 

We start shooting the third and final Ione adventure Monday March 31st. We’ll be wrapping up the conflict between Ione’s lifestyle and her goals in that one. And then … well … Ione is a major character in one of my feature screeenplays, so if you want to see her again, you’ll have to hassle me to get on that one. 

Written & Directed by Sean Mannion.

Starring Kitty Ostapowicz as Ione, Alexandra Tebano as Andi, and Sarah Schoofs as Naomi.

Camera Operator: Julian Barbosa

Assistant Camera & Sound: Erin Clayton

Featuring “The Way to Romania” by She Said Destroy! (found on the Vimeo Music Store)

Hey! Have you watched Ione’s Wedding Problem? It’s fun. There’s an awesome Italian lady punk/noise rock duo’s music in it. There’s a logic problem. Animated monsters. Dancing. Swearing. Procrastination. Fun for the whole family!

This is the first of three shorts about Ione’s struggle with being, a slightly less traditional, pre-law student. On Monday is Ione’s Last Hand, in which her ex bandmate challenges her to a poker hand that will determine whether or not she also dedicates part of her precious time to returning to the band. Then, on March 31st we begin shooting the third film, Ione’s First Date, in which Ione’s going to get directly confronted with her fears about her future. 

Fun but it starts to get a little dramatic. 

Watch this one tonight! Watch the second one Monday night! Watch the third one in April and find out, can Ione really make it to law school or should she just bail on it and stick to the rock’n’roll musics? 

These are screenshots from the very rough cut of a horror short, Metatron, I shot most of yesterday with Sarah Schoofs, Kitty Ostapowicz, and Ashley Jordan. 

Metatron is about Ashley (Sarah Schoofs) and Jackie (Ashley Jordan) roommates who discover a recording from the last performance of the band The Metatron, a 70s Progressive Rock group whose final show ended tragically with the drowning of the band and hundreds of fans, while sorting through a box of Ashley’s dad’s old stuff. 

Shooting a little more with Kitty tomorrow. The short should be ready for Halloween.