The Last Red Balloon

I just applied for a job asking for a sample of published writing. This is the most easily accessible. I wrote it just under 5 years ago for the Anchorage Press’ Super Short Story Contest. I won in the Sci-Fi category. I look at it now and I kind of hate it but I’m sharing it anyway. Go to the Anchorage Press’ website and dig the little picture drawn for the story (my story is at the bottom of the page).

"The Last Red Balloon"

Puff. Puff.

Puff. Puff.

He sucked on his air hose. The sun glowed brightly behind the haze of brown filling the air. The wind cut into his body. Even as heavily wrapped as he was he could feel the bitter cold. He wiped away dirt collecting on his UV goggles. Stopping at an old bench he snapped a quick photograph of shadows permanently burned on the sidewalk. Climbing over the remnants of a wall he caught a glimpse of something red stuck just above him on the wall. He reached up and pulled the string out of the fissure it was stuck in. The light bulbous rubber end was whipped about by the violent winds. He used a hand to steady it. He gazed at it a moment then let the string slip out of his fingers. The balloon rode away on the winds.

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